Meet The Animals of Snow Mountain Ranch

I have been doing too much amazing stuff to stop and make a post and upload some pictures, but I am forcing myself to do it now. I keep finding myself saying “wow, this is the best day ever!” but the next day manages to be even better somehow. Last week I started training to become a member of the dog sledding team. This is becoming my favorite part of working here, as my job consists of playing with dogs in the snow all day. The dogs all have their own delightful personalities and they are so fun to be around.

The dogs wait on a line before their rides. We do a lot of cuddling here.


These dogs have the most beautiful eyes.


This is Tip, she is just the sweetest creature on planet earth.

IMG_2278 copy

This is Ricky. He has a lovely trick where he wraps his chain around your ankles and tries to trip you. I call him Tricky. He’s bad, but probably my favorite.


Here is the team harnessed up and ready to run, they are usually going nuts at this point in time.


Here they are coming in from a ride.


This is my pal Casey playing with one of the future runners.


Those eyes….


Yesterday after a meeting, our supervisors surprised us with a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the woods. It was magical.

Jordan and I with the boys.

IMG_2355 copy

They are so handsome.

IMG_2350 copy

And strong.

IMG_2345 copy

This place looks like a postcard.

IMG_2339 copy

These guys help with the horses and came along for the ride.

IMG_2363 copy


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