Greetings From the San Juans

It’s been an extremely eventful first week in the San Juan Islands. I arrived at Orcas Island, got acquainted with the property, and met the rest of the trip staff team. Together, we journeyed via sailboat to some of the nearby islands. We learned the basics of sailing, how to read currents and tide charts, how to tie knots and hang tarps. We also learned what happens when seven strong willed and outspoken leaders get stuck rowing for hours on end in a small boat against the currents and shifting winds. Despite the hardships, it was an incredible trip. On our third day, we hiked out to the Turn Point lighthouse on Stuart Island and had the privilege of witnessing two pods of orcas swim by, some no more than 50 feet from where we were standing. For many of us, this was the first time ever seeing these amazing animals and it was an incredible thing to experience our first week out. We are back on Orcas now and planning our first trips of the season which will head out on Wednesday. More to come soon.

IMG_3145 IMG_3114 IMG_3120 IMG_3126 IMG_3106 IMG_3099 IMG_3108 IMG_3092 IMG_3061 IMG_3077 IMG_3103

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