Five years ago I went to the Oregon coast and I fell in love with it. This Fall I had the opportunity to live there while working at Outdoor School; a daily view of the Pacific Ocean just outside my window. I spent my weekends camping in Lincoln City, exploring Portland, and took a weekend trip with a friend to visit Crater Lake. My time in Oregon was short, but sweet.

My home: Westwind

IMG_3807 copyIMG_3800 copyIMG_3801 copyIMG_3798 copyIMG_3782 copyIMG_3726 copyIMG_3820 copy

IMG_3769 copy

My favorite spot in Portland: The Field

IMG_3854 copy


IMG_3833 copy

Crater Lake

IMG_3863 copyIMG_3898 copyIMG_3978 copyIMG_3974 copyIMG_3940 copyIMG_3932 copyIMG_3924 copyIMG_3871 copyIMG_3869 copy

Mt. Thielsen near Crater Lake

IMG_3857 copy

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