Draw a Dick on America: Day One

6 months ago, two of my good friends and I started talking about doing a road trip from Seattle to St. Cloud, Minnesota where we’d all live for the winter. We wouldn’t just drive straight over, we’d stop and visit friends, hit up as many National parks as possible, and essentially go wherever we felt like going. 

We spent months looking at maps and atlases, picked out our favorite bucket list locations, drafted a budget, and created a route that Liz decided kind of looked like a penis. And that brings us up to speed. Three women driving for 30 days in one small car. This is our journey:

We set out from Seattle and drove down to Portland, OR and stayed with some friends in their lovely home, visited the famous Powells city of books, had some damn fine happy hour, and went to a night club for a little karaoke. 
Our amazing hosts, Shala and Caleb:


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