DADOA: Days Twelve to Fifteen

Day twelve:

Monday morning was a slow start for us in Vegas. We didn’t get to bed until four, so we slept in, got some breakfast, and spent a little time poolside in the sun. We then started our journey to the Grand Canyon with a brief stop at the Hoover Dam. We enjoyed views of the dam and Lake Mead, got to stand in two time zones at once and the staff made sure there was no shortage of dam jokes. We arrived at the Grand Canyon fairly late, but enjoyed the super moon before going to bed. 

Day thirteen:

Tuesday, we woke up early and spent a few hours driving around the Grand Canyon and visited many of the incredible viewpoints. In the afternoon we started making our way to Zion.We drove through some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen including the Vermillion Cliffs. We arrived at Zion after dark, but the moon illuminated some of the towering mountains surrounding our campsite. 

The Vermillion Cliffs :

The Grand Canyon:

Day fourteen:

Wednesday we finally got our first layover day and had the entire day to explore Zion. We hiked all three of the Emerald Pools, Weeping Rock, and visited The Court of the Patriarchs.

Court of the Patriarchs

Emerald Pool


Weeping Rock

Day Fifteen:

Today we woke up before the sun to hike the Canyon Overlook Trail. It was quite possibly the most beautiful view I have ever seen. Zion is a truly spectacular place and this will not be my last visit. We left Zion and made our way to Bryce Canyon as the temperature plummeted and snow started to fall. We saw a herd of Bison on our way out which was pretty magical. By the time we reached Bryce, the temperature had dropped to 3°, but it didn’t stop us from visiting all of the viewpoints and getting in a quick hike. 


Get a load of this view   


“Natural Bridge”

The Silent City

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