DADOA: Days Seven and Eight 

​Wednesday we left LA after a hard night of watching the horrors unfold on TV. We drove to San Diego where we had some much needed puppy therapy, beer, and some Catan. Today we drove down to Imperial Beach to visit a friend at YMCA: Camp Surf. We walked along the beach, watched the sunset, and had amazing beer and food at Coronado Brewing Company. 

Dog friend

Our gracious host

Sunset fun club

DADOA: Day Six

Tuesday we left Monterey at 7:30 in the morning and drove down the coast. We drove through Big Sur, visited the sea lions and Hearst Castle, stopped in Malibu to meet up with a friend, passed through Santa Monica, and finally reached Los Angeles 12 hours later. It was a beautiful drive through sunny, 80° weather. 

Our evening, however was tense and heartbreaking. We watched the election results unfold with our host and her housemates with disbelief and heavy hearts. Driving through this country, I truly believe it is one of the most diverse and beautiful places on this planet. Geographically, I truly believe this is the greatest country on earth and I feel privileged to live here. Politically, I think this country is in serious trouble. I am scared for myself, scared for my friends, and I’m scared for many I’ve never met. We’ve made a lot of progress in this country, with a lot of help from The Obamas and a lot of hardworking Americans. I’m afraid we are going to lose a lot of that progress and a lot of people will suffer. I will keep fighting, my friends and our allies will keep fighting and I hope we can keep progressing and becoming better, kinder people and stewards of our beautiful planet. 

This one’s for Drumpf

DADOA: Days Four and Five

Sunday, we left the Bay area and drove to Yosemite National Park where we camped for the night. Today we woke up with the sun, hiked through Yosemite Valley, went to Mirror Lake, saw Yosemite Falls, and stood in the meadow taking in the majesty that is El Capitan. Yosemite is definitely one of the most grand and beautiful places I’ve ever been and I hope to come back soon and stay for at least a week. We set out from the park and drove to Monterey, CA where we are now enjoying the Seahawks game over margaritas. 

We made it!!

Half dome view from tunnel view

El Capitan

Half Dome aka “Domey”

Yosemite Falls

Mirror Lake

The big ass Raven

DADOA: Day Three

Saturday we played among the trees for a bit and then headed south. We stopped at Confusion Hill for a little fun in the gravity house. We drove through the Marin Headlands and Liz got her first view of the Golden Gate Bridge. We ended the evening at the Warfield in downtown San Francisco were we watched the Lil Smokies and Greensky Bluegrass jam out. 

Sasquatch loves the redwoods

Tree Huggers

Draw a Dick on America: Day One

6 months ago, two of my good friends and I started talking about doing a road trip from Seattle to St. Cloud, Minnesota where we’d all live for the winter. We wouldn’t just drive straight over, we’d stop and visit friends, hit up as many National parks as possible, and essentially go wherever we felt like going. 

We spent months looking at maps and atlases, picked out our favorite bucket list locations, drafted a budget, and created a route that Liz decided kind of looked like a penis. And that brings us up to speed. Three women driving for 30 days in one small car. This is our journey:

We set out from Seattle and drove down to Portland, OR and stayed with some friends in their lovely home, visited the famous Powells city of books, had some damn fine happy hour, and went to a night club for a little karaoke. 
Our amazing hosts, Shala and Caleb:


Hannegan Pass

​I spent the last few days backpacking through Hannegan pass outside Glacier, Washington with 7 of the loveliest women I know. We enjoyed almost nonstop views of the surrounding peaks and glaciers. The weather was perfect and the view from the toilet was stunning.